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                    IF YOU CURRENTLY OWN OR OPERATE A SAFE THAT IS DIFFICULT OR PROBLEMATIC TO OPEN, DO NOT CLOSE THE DOOR UNTIL IT IS SERVICED!!! Most issues that affect opening and proper operation are often times minor service issues and relatively inexpensive to repair WHILE THE DOOR IS OPEN!!! If you wait until your Safe or Vault Fails in the locked position to call for service, the cost to open and repair can increase Exponentially.   


  HARRINGTON’S LOCKSMITH SAFE AND DOOR SERVICE  is a full service, sales and hardware applications consulting company, we offer complete Locksmith Safe and Door services and provide a comprehensive line of safes in all Burglary and Fire ratings. Vaults and safes, are available in a variety of UL Listings for compliance with safety and security standards and satisfaction of insurance requirements. Freestanding safes may be secured or bolted down. Recessed mounting is also available and native to designs for wall and floor safes, or custom designed “built-ins” for many applications. Safe and vault services offered include but are not limited to;  

  •   Safe Penetration or Entry Service
  •  Safe Combination changes and Lost/Unknown combination retrieval
  •  Replace lost or Stolen Keys 
  •  Combination lock and dial service and replacement
  •  Service to bolt works and locking Mechanisms and hinges for restoration of smooth operation or to free up “Sticking or Jamming bolts, Handles and Doors”
  •  Retrofit of Digital Keypads, in place of mechanical dials. 
  • Security upgrades to safes may also include; Custom or timed access controls and monitoring to limit, audit and identify openings.
  •  Custom re-lockers and hard plate reinforcement
  •  Installation of Tracking devices and decoy products
  •  We also offer custom design and manufacturing of “built-in” Safes and Vaults for Commercial, Financial, Institutional and Residential.    

What makes a Safe? Design, Composition, Construction and Cost.

  Safes come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in price dependent predominantly on the job they are designed to do and the materials used in there construction to do so. The basic principal is to protect vulnerable contents from loss or damage. Several products fall into this marketplace heading due to their utility, like cash boxes or depositories, lockable key storage, Document, Data, and Media safes or jeweler’s vaults. There are 2 basic classifications for these products, as defined by the elements they are constructed to ward against.   

Fire Safes, Burglary Safes and Depositories.;

    Fire Safes are mainly constructed of composite materials with the focus on insulating and sealing properties and are rated for the protection they offer to contents when exposed to fire at a given temperature for a given period of time. 

    Burglary Safes are generally, a “strong box”, fabricated from heavy plate steel and incorporating a intricate lock and robust bolt-works. Many Burglary Safes also incorporate the use of re-locking devises and or torch and tool resistant materials comprised of Hard Plate, Glass, spring loaded bolts and or heat dissipating laminates to hinder or eliminate entry for specified lengths of time. Ratings for Burglary safes are based on tool or torch resistance for a given period of time. 

Depository Safes are most commonly used in retail applications where cash drops or deposits are required from employees who may not have access to opening codes for the safe, these safes are often equipped with a Rotary Hopper or Deposit/Drop Chute to allow deposits.

    Again the complexity of design and quality of construction is relative to cost. Ratings for these safes are given based on compliance with minimum industry standards as established through rigorous physical testing by Underwriters Laboratories. Safes offering both Fire and Burglary protection fall under both classifications and may or may not be rated. Most insurance companies will advise you of their requirements and the limits they set on comprehensive coverage for the safe storage of fire arms, Sensitive Data and Media, or the securing of Jewels or daily cash receipts, based on recognized standards as indicated by UL Listing or certification.  

UL Listings and Ratings

    Information regarding classifications and or “UL” ratings and certification is available From Underwriters Laboratories. Underwriter Laboratories Inc. is a trusted scientific Testing and Certification Standards organization. Operating with nearly 10,000 employees and serving more than 100 Countries Worldwide offering Industry Standards Certification, testing and labeling for a variety of manufacturing, environmental, and Safety Standards industries and organizations. Founded in 1894 the company now boasts offices in 46 Countries with headquarters in Illinois, USA.     More information about Underwriters Laboratories Inc. can be found at   

Toronto Safe Sales and Service

  Based in Toronto Ontario, HARRINGTON’S LOCKSMITH SAFE and DOOR SERVICE provides Safes from most major manufactures both rated and unrated for all applications in a variety of dimensions to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.